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After valiantly battling brain cancer for over four years, Rose Champagne passed away on February 6, 2008. Her family has requested that this Web site remain active, as a memorial, an inspiration, and a source of guidance for the Middle Eastern Dance community.

Rose's obituary can be found here: Rose's obituary at

There is also a Guest Book linked to her obituary, with reminiscences from family, friends, and students: Rose's Guest Book

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SHOW - FEB. 2005




- JUNE 2005








"You are the definition of feminine beauty. I still get goosebumps thinking of your performance. It was tantalizing, erotic, and simply amazing. In fact, it was one of my most favorite aspects of the wedding. Thank you so much for your professionalism and for bringing a little bit of Egypt here to my family. Everyone has told me how much they enjoyed your show!!! I will make sure to tell anyone looking for a bit of the exotic in their wedding or other events all about you!!!"

Much Thanks and Kindest Regards,
Amy and Eli Margolis
June 18, 2006

From the Macys Cosmetic Department for a Moroccan/Arabian night

"When we were planning the event your name came up several times. You have a GREAT reputation as a dancer in the valley."

Melissa Merriam
Group Sales Manager Eastfield Cosmetics

"Every one of Rose Champagne’s belly dancing classes are inspired. And while the primary motivation is to learn to dance—and dance you will--you will find yourself feeling empowered to own and love your body. I felt myself getting physically and spiritually stronger. In a society that continues to objectify and exploit women, Rose’s belly dancing class builds self-confidence and pushes us to reclaim our bodies and our sexuality. From the physical to the spiritual, with depth, meaning, and heart, Rose’s class will have an impact on who you are, while bringing you incredible joy and pleasure!"

By Nisa Zalta, a new student

"I want to commend you on your wonderful performance last weekend at my brother's surprise birthday party at the K of C hall in Enfield, Connecticut. It was innovative, lively, and beautifully executed; you dance with a self-confidence and poise that even some professionals lack, and it was a pleasure to watch you.

We had quite a few cranky children on our hands before your arrival--once you started to dance, they calmed right down. I think my favorite part of the performance was when you had my brother in law (a self-proclaimed NON-dancer) standing up with you, and doing some dance moves. It was fabulous!

Thank you so much for bringing your art to our gathering. It meant an awful lot to my sister in law, Linda, who had been planning the party for months and wanted everything to be just right."

By Dara Bowlng

"Hi Rose,

I just wanted to say a great big THANK YOU for making yesterday(Friday) so much fun! We all had a blast and you and your explanations and combinations and movements were just phenomenal! You truly are an artist. It's gonna be cool to watch your career, seeing you get better and stuff! We're already talking about doing another private, it's just a question of when! WE really love how you teach; you put so much into it and you teach how to be better. Ok, that doesn't make a lot of sense, but what I'm trying to say seem to have found the pulse point, the life-force of belly dancing and you're sharing that with your students. Aka, you're good. And it's awesome! Thanks so much!"

A Student

"Hi Rose, it's Z....

I just wanted to thank you for Friday were absolutely incredible....many people after the party spoke very highly of you and enjoyed your show very much....I appreciate you driving all the way down here to do this for me...I'm very interested in doing something with you should be charging a little more because you're worth every penny....I can not describe how thankful I am for you and for your show friday night ...."

A Promoter

"Hey Rose,

I had dinner last night with (dance friends). One of them was telling the story about how she was visiting her other daughter before she came here, from boston and how she went to this show and went into detail about the performers. She said there was this amazing dancer there, Rose Champagne, who was the best dancer she'd seen in a long time...' then she went on and on about your stage presence and how you seem so much older on stage (in a good way) because you have this regal presence and she couldn't believe how young you were when she congratulated you. She went on about your style and how beautiful you are and how your dancing had her mesmerized and how you are 'the perfect look for a bellydancer' because you could be of so many nationalities but very exotic and how you have such a great body and everything. Anyway, lets just say that if you were there, your ego would be so big right now you wouldn't be able to fit through the door. Rose, all I can say is, can I have your autograph??? "

A Dance Friend

"First off, lemme tell you what a truly beautiful dancer you are ...second you are a joy to work with ... You are SUCH a delight!"

By Morocco, the internationally famous

"Rose, Thank you for that wonderful performance at Amanouz Cafe in Northampton. Your footwork was impressively agile, especially considering how little room you had to perform! I also particularly enjoyed your serpentine hand and arm movements. The audience (including me) adored you, and I hope you will be back. The close-quarters venue gave a special energy to your performance. "

By David Makinster

"I heard many good things about your performance and personality from the December 4th party. Then again I already knew all the good things they said. I told them to expect nothing but the best... thanks Rose.. I'll call you for some more parties if you're interested..."


"As a beginner belly-dancer three years ago, I was thrilled to find Rose as a teacher. Her style of teaching and breaking down the moves step-by-step helps me to visualize and then actualize doing them myself. Rose has a sense of humor in class with her analogies and little visual cues that clearly explain the movement she is teaching. Rose is a teacher for all ages and abilities which makes me feel comfortable to pursue a new and important passion in my life."

By Robin Rieske (Rabiah), a student of three years

" an asset to the Dance Center and a wonderful instructor."

By April Lee
October 3, 2006

"Thanks for an inspiring workshop. I have enjoyed watching you grow from a bright, talented young woman just starting as a really good teacher, into a brilliant, talented,gorgeous woman full of heart, who is a leader and an inspiration to women of all ages. Here are some thoughts from last night.

Beautiful, confident, knowledgeable teacher puts students at ease and helps them get over their discomforts/fears just by modeling, coaching and keeping a balance between learning and playing,left brain,right brain. Always genuine. Getting silly when students are getting too serious/discouraged. "Gets" the spiritual part and shares it without preaching."


"Out of all the belly dancers I have dealt with, you are the most professional, organized, beautiful and know your stuff..
I'm not just saying that know that if I have to say something I would say it whether it is a compliment or are an absolute "10"and I get compliments from all the jobs that I hire you for."

Agent for Belly Dancers and bands
August 8, 2006

"Rose Champagne ... is a beautiful dancer with a remarkable story. She is definitely a dancer to watch in the future. Her troupe danced later in the evening and were quite good."

From a review of Rakkasah East on the Phillyraqs website by Monet Raths

"Thank you so,so much for sharing yourself and your dance with us. I don't know if you truly realize or understand the gift you have given me. Your patience and acceptance, your beauty and your grace, your expertise and experience, your heart and your soul...When I watch you dance I feel as though I am in another world...i think of nothing else except the beauty of what is before me.....your dance. I am inspired and motivated. You honestly have open up such a new world for me. At the risk of getting personal...for years I struggled with accepting myself...trying to hide who I am and how I look. The thought of showing myself to others scared me to death. I hid, numb to the outside world. Dancing has changed so much of that...I can't even begin to explain it. I can now watch myself and others and revel in the beauty of what it is to be a woman, and what it means to watch others. It has changed my perception of myself and the cold un accepting world I once knew. And the beautiful thing about you is that you not only share your dance with us, you share yourself, your soul, your heart, your mind. I admire that so much. So when I thank you, it isn't only for the show....which was fantastic...its for the positive influence you have given me. Thank you for this priceless gift. With deep admiration and respect and thanks."

A Student

"You are awesome! I've always respected you as a fabulous dancer, an insightful and talented teacher and a gem of a human being but I'm so glad to find out that while you are still sweet and kind, you also know how to deal with difficult people. I'm enjoying watch you rise to the stardom you deserve!!"

Advising Professional Student

"Rose, you are a wonderful teacher, superb dancer, and I think dancers can learn a lot from have a lot to give. People like watching you dance because your execution of the dance is so lovely and so precise. Its like watching a firefly dance in perfect harmony with the songs of the insects on a hot summer's night."

By Shalimar, who has been dancing and teaching for 30 years:

"Dear Rose,

Hello, you may not remember me, but I met you a few years ago. Once at a Hafla where you performed, I think somewhere in Northampton and the last time I saw at Café Lebanon in Springfield I believe. I was just graduating from Umass and was wondering when I’d ever see another spectacular performance. Anyway, tonight I got my wish and saw another spectacular performance at Byblos in Norwood. That was an awesome performance. I was the guy sitting by myself alone at a table. I was so nervous about seeing you again, that I couldn’t eat during your performance. You were stunning. I really wanted to float dollar bills above your head like I did at the other restaurant.

I must say, though, you still look beautiful and you have a gorgeous smile. Whenever you danced close to my table and I look into your eyes, it looks like they are bright with the glow of the stars at night. In slow motion, the way you walk, the way you move, it’s so ethereal. I just wish you would’ve sat down at my table to talk. That would’ve made my night more wonderful, but seeing you was just beautiful enough.

You just have that amazing ability to mesmerize the audience. The babies at the tables loved it! I thought that was so adorable. I really can’t wait to see more awesome performances. Oh, and if you want, I can send of the pictures I took of you. That is if you wish. Anyway, I hope to see you soon. You rock!"

Regards; Andrew C.

"Hi Rose,
my name is Layla. I tried to reach you at the restaurant yesterday ( Saturday , 21 ) but you were busy I guess. My sister is going to have a wedding in a few month . All my relatives ( who like you very much ) would like you to perform your wonderful dance at a restaurant where our wedding party is going to take place. We are from Azerbaijan ( country which is next to Turkey and Iran ) so we know the taste of "belly dance" very well. We would be very happy to have you as our guest!"

Sincerely, Layla


"It was great , Rose !
You are so sweet and sooooo nice. My parents fell in love with you ( specially my Dad !) . My son ( who is 10 years old) said that he would like to have a girlfriend like you in the future. My daughter was so proud to get that little card from you. What can I say? Thank you very much. We are very excited about having you on the wedding. Too bad we missed you that night. Oh well. But I want to bring my friends over to your shows. I told them a lot about you."

Thanks for your email; Layla


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